Hang Out and Watch Keybies Come to Life!

link featureTime to time, I hold sessions where you can drop in using a link and watch new keybie designs being drawn real-time. It’s also a way for me to hang out with you guys over creative percolation, though’s free service can only accommodate 10 people at a time including me, Host-san.

What’s in a name? Name yourself!

Because not a lot of people are familiar with, I put together this tutorial so you can change your name and let me know who you are when you watch me draw keybies ♥

How do you change your name in a session? Super easy.

Follow the steps below!

Step 1: Click the 2nd to the last button on the toolbar

Step 2: Choose your name from the Viewer list (it’ll be the only one you can edit)


Step 3: Double-click, and type your name!

See? Easy.

Give me a hi or a hey or a hallulahey next time I post a session! It’s always fun to interact with you guys, and I’d love to get to know the Cafe’s patrons more. Who knows, I may even offer to do request during a stream. 😉

See you at the next!


Ms. Manager thanks you for reading!Lots of love,
Micah Valero

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