New Location: Keybies now available at Robinson’s Galleria!

We’re welcoming 2019 with another new location! You can now find keybies at Society Eight, Robinson’s Galleria, on the 3/F right in front of Robinson’s Appliances.

At the moment you can find several designs like Konosuba’s Megumin, K/DA’s Akali, Pokemon, One Piece and Kingdom Hearts keybies, as well as our Spirited Away, Tokyo Ghoul, and My Little Pony stickers. We’re also going to be stocking even more designs as we fix up our module.

Keybies in Society Eight, Robinson's Galleria

Society Eight Robinson's GalleriaSociety Eight Robinson's Galleria

We’ve also got Steven Universe, Yuri on Ice, Dangan Ronpa, Overwatch and Adventure Time keybies in there, among many others, with more designs and items coming. If you’d like any designs in particular to be available here in Robinson’s Galleria, let us know on Instagram or Facebook.

Make sure to also follow us there for restock alerts, and more possible locations to buy your favorite dotty chibis!

The Keybie Cafe is growing even more, and my mom and I would like to thank you all for staying with us all these years. It was amazing watching our customers grow up at events we’ve been attending since 2010, and more new ones learning about us and starting their own keybie collections. Thanks to you guys supporting our dotty craft, we’re able to bring keybies to more places and keep making our designs.

Whether you’re a long-time customer or a new one just discovering our dotty chibi keybies, thank you so much, and hope you continue to stick around!!

Keybies in Society Eight, Robinson's Galleria

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