Here, instead of tea and cookies, you can find cute little 2D charms drawn and handmade from 100% paper materials. Yep, they're totally GREEN! In no way is the environment harmed in keybie-crafting.

They're cute, durable, and make a unique addition to any phone, keyring, bag, or any place else you can loop a string around! Poke around and maybe you'd like something! :D


#WNW: Nier Automata, Boku no Hero Academia, and more!

November 15th, 2017 by

How’s everyone’s ASEAN weekend?

We’re rounding up more new designs for your dotty fix! You may have already seen some of them at our events, but we’ve got a few ‘heroic’ faces making their debut, as well as one Coke-loving Umaru!

Nier Automata keybies - 2BNier Automata keybies - 9s
Boku no Hero Academia keybies - Izuku Boku no Hero Academia keybies - Ochako UrarakaBoku no Hero Academia keybies - All Might
Hunter x Hunter keybies - Hisoka

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