How to Care for Your Keybies

A lot of people ask me how to keep their keybies looking nice and pretty for as long as possible, so I thought I’d put together all the keybie care tips I share into one blog post to answer any future questions.

However, all new keybies now have their images sealed in differently, and will last much longer. They can also withstand any amount of sun, though they can’t get wet and you can’t bend it without it looking ugly.

Caring for your keybie (or keybies!) isn’t hard, as long as you follow a few simple rules and tips!


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1) Keep your keybies dry

This is the most important rule of all! If you keep your keybie on your bag and it’s raining outside, detach and tuck your keybie away before you go braving the rain. Though keybies are a bit water-resistant, they are not waterproof—the difference is that while a keybie can survive a few drops of liquid, they will look like they’re melting when they’re submerged or wet for several seconds!

If you do get your keybie wet, do not use tissue to wipe it dry! If you have no choice, keep the tissue away from the sides, or else bits of tissue will stick and it will not look pretty.

The best thing to do is to hang your keybie where it can dry without making a mess, then clean off any stains on the design with a damp (but not wet!) cloth.

2) Blacken worn-down sides with permanent marker

My oldest customers will remember a time when keybies used to wear down the edges and get all their black coloring rubbed off because of constant friction. Keybies now don’t do that, but if you have a keybie that’s looking less dark around the edges than usual, take out a permanent marker!

Alternatively, you can use black nail polish or black styrofoam paint (found in National Bookstore!) to repair any damaged sides and restore an old keybie to (almost) new.

3) Keep out of reach of pets and babies

Keybies aren’t toxic, but that doesn’t mean they have any business being between any set of teeth. I’ve had experiences of my own where our family dogs decide they want to do more than give moral support while I’m working—and start chewing on a keybie while staring right at me.

No amount of belly rubs and puppy eyes could repair the damage. Keybies are made from scrap paper materials, so any indentations into its surface are unfortunately there to stay.

4) Do not bend your keybies

Don’t try bending the keybie all the way. It won’t tear or break, but it will leave bend marks under the plastic, and unfortunately–there’s no fixing this kind of damage :(

Caring for your keybies is easy

These are the most important points to remember, but if you guys have any more questions about keybie care, ask away in the comments below! You can also ask us on Facebook or Instagram!


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