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Propagating sundews: how to grow sundews through seeds and cuttings

May 30th, 2024 by

Propagating sundews is fairly easy through seeds, leaf cuttings, or root cuttings, depending on the sundew. This guide will cover how to propagate certain sundews based on my experience and some experiences from my customers.

D. Burmannii Humpty DooThis propagation guide covers the following:

•  Propagating sundews from seeds
ㅤㅤ•  Using a seed kit
ㅤㅤ•  Harvesting and storing sundew seeds
ㅤㅤ•  Seed germination
ㅤㅤ•  Storing sundew seeds
•  Propagating sundews from leaf cuttings and pullings
•  Propagating sundews from root cuttings
•  Propagating sundews through division
•  Are you ready to grow sundews?

Propagating sundews from seeds

Growing sundews from seed is slow, like with most carnivorous plant seeds, but it’s still a rewarding experience. Depending on the kind of sundew, seeds can germinate between one and six weeks, depending on the viability of the seeds and the general growing conditions.

Tropical sundews and red flytraps in a pot
Sundews grown from seed

Using a seed kit

If you purchased a seed kit, just follow these steps to start growing your sundews:

  • Fill your pot with the growing media. Make sure to pack the pot tightly.
  • Water the top of the pot a little bit at a time with distilled or rainwater.
  • Sow your seeds on top of the media.
  • Put the pot in a clean plastic tub/tray with distilled or rainwater.
  • Position the pot where it can receive strong, steady light. You can also put the pot under a grow light, but make sure the grow light is strong enough. I use 18-watt LED lights, and my plants are only 6 inches away from the light.

If you have your own sundew seeds you’d like to sow, the rest of this guide will help you out.

Harvesting and storing sundew seeds

There are certain sundews that are self-pollinating. This means their flowers, which grow in tall stalks above the plant, will produce seeds by themselves. Propagating sundews for these varieties is fairly easy because of this.

A fun fact is that sundews evolve to grow tall flower stalks because this way, pollinators won’t get caught in the sundew’s sticky and dewy leaves.

Sundew flowers with black seeds over a pot with coco peat
A sundew flower stalk

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