Here, instead of tea and cookies, you can find cute little 2D charms drawn and handmade from 100% paper materials. Yep, they're totally GREEN! In no way is the environment harmed in keybie-crafting.

They're cute, durable, and make a unique addition to any phone, keyring, bag, or any place else you can loop a string around! Poke around and maybe you'd like something! :D


We’re going on vacation!

September 27th, 2018 by

Hi guys! I sent the message first on social media, but in case you find yourself here first–we’ll be on break from September 28 to October 17!

We did stock JAE Collectibles at SM Megamall beforehand, and we’ve got new items up in our shop (we’re so due for another #WhatsNewWednesday urgh). We’ll still take orders, we just won’t be able to deliver anything until we’re back. If you don’t mind the wait, we promise it’ll be worth it! If you want to get your Christmas shopping done early, head on over to our online shop or our custom order form!

Meanwhile–if you’d like to peek in at my travels, check out the tag #BanyaGoes at my IG, @silverei. Banya is a little Zorua I got in Japan, where his first snaps as my travel buddy are from.

#BanyaGoes to Shinjuku Gyo-en!#BanyaGoes to the Shibuya Scramble!More —