Here, instead of tea and cookies, you can find cute little 2D charms drawn and handmade from 100% paper materials. Yep, they're totally GREEN! In no way is the environment harmed in keybie-crafting.

They're cute, durable, and make a unique addition to any phone, keyring, bag, or any place else you can loop a string around! Poke around and maybe you'd like something! :D


New Location! Keybies at Jaztrendz, Newpoint Mall

November 9th, 2018 by

I’m super happy to announce a new store location to buy keybies from! You can now get your dotty fix at Jaztrendz, an anime goods store in Newpoint mall, Angeles City, Pampanga! This is our first provincial location, made possible by our friends at Jaztrendz. We’re hella excited to bring keybies outside of Manila!

Jaztrendz is located at MBK Alley, LG Floor, and is located right in front of the escalator. There’s plenty of designs to choose from too, like Cells at Work, One Piece, Darling in the FRANXX and Boku no Hero Academia. They also sell figures and toys, so make sure you check them out~

What’s more, we’re working on expanding our locations, so stay tuned for more places you’ll be able buy to deliciously cute keybies!!

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