Valentine’s 2016: When Love & Zombies Mix (& Make Sense, Oddly Enough)

Maybe it’s the cynic in all of us, or the emerging power of the Anti-Valentine (don’t quote me on that), that caused this interesting twist to occur. When and how exactly Valentine’s mixing with the undead started to make sense though, I don’t know.

Or do I?

In the context of ‘Til Death do us part, maybe there is some rationale into this eclectic mix. It is, after all, a truth universally acknowledged that both Pride and Prejudice and the zombie apocalypse (separately and together, maybe) are two of the most beloved concepts to have come out of the 20th and 21st centuries, respectively.

Til Death Do Us… Meet? Pride, Prejudice and Zombies

Adlibitum Creatives - Love and Zombies
Who wouldn’t want more brains?

In Pride, Prejudice and Zombies (PPZ), ironically, Elizabeth and Darcy find love in each other–with a dash of death in the form of zombies, of course.

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