How to Clean Rubber Keychains in the Easiest Way

Going to events isn’t complete without getting a souvenir or two—and one of the best souvenirs to collect are keychains!

Plush, laminated, keybie-fied or rubberized, it’s easy to grab your favorite characters in all their cute (or hot) glory.

How to Clean Rubber Keychains in the Easiest Way
Kaneki Ken in all his rubber, keybie, laminated, and plushie glory!

Unless you keep your collection locked away in a safe, dry space though, there’s no avoiding dirt and grime accumulating on their surfaces.

Rubber keychains in particular can look especially worn when they’re all dirty, but did you know there’s a trick to making them look like new again?

You don’t even need soap!

Marutokidoki Onichan’s keychain cleaning method

There’s just one thing you need to make your rubber keychains look like they’d just come out of their packaging, and yes, it really isn’t soap.

It’s wood glue.

How to Clean Rubber Keychains in the Easiest Way
Find the whole step-by-step process by Marutokidoki Onichan here!

Cleaning keybies

Unfortunately, this method wouldn’t work on keybies. Wood glue would stick to the keybies’ sides, and make them come off entirely. Unlike rubber keychains, keybies can be cleaned with a damp (not wet!) rag (not tissue!).

Keeping keybies clean and looking new isn’t hard if you follow 3 simple rules.

We’re always working on new methods to improve the keybie as you know it, but until then, caring for your keybies is easier than you think!

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