8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Keybie Cafe at Toycon!

With all the great toys and goodies you can find at Toycon, it’s no wonder it’s one of the biggest events of the year for any avid collector of toys or anime merchandise.

Whether you’re looking for anime fan merch, or gaming characters looking cute, these 8 Toycon hauls will show how we can help you choose what to buy at Toycon! > w <)/


1. Twice the Kuroko, several times the cute

Keybie collector Nami here got to add our new Toaru no Majutsu no Index keybies to her growing collection!

Keybie collector Nami here got to add our new Toaru no Majutsu no Index keybies to her growing collection!
Photo by Nami 


2. Hetalia Keybie + Hetalia Mochi = Hetalia cuteness to the second power!

Our Hetalia keybies were especially popular this Toycon! Not seeing your favorite nation?

Worry not, we can custom make them for you!
"Thank God Keybie Cafe has Hetalia stuff! Err...the nations with their mochi incarnations. Next time I'll complete the Hetalia set! (I made the mochis 'cept America though)"
Photo by Gianne


3. Collection Reconstruction

We’ve always got something new at events, and Toycon was no exception!

"I have been collecting Keybies for a few years already. Sadly, a lot of my collection got washed away from the flooding that happened before. (They were Tekken, Zelda, Naruto and Avatar Keybies T_T) Now, I'm starting to re-collect and here is my current collection + the 4 older keybies I managed to save. Sadly I couldn't go to the toycon this weekend and visit The Keybie Cafe booth. More keybies to add to this collection soon!"
Photo by Winona


4. Tiger and Bunny in all their cute glory

Therese had looked all over Toycon for Taibani things, and we were ready with these. With over 700 designs to choose from, we’d love to help you find something you like!

"Looked around the whole of TOYCON for Taibani merch. Kayo lang ata meron eh. Thanks sooooo much!"
Photo by Therese


5. Toaru love

We custom make new designs all the time (just like we did for Avegaille’s Toaru no Majutsu keybies) and Toycon (as well as all our events) are a great way to get them if you’d rather not have them shipped. Just make sure there’s enough lead time for us to finish your order~
 "Raildex (Toaru series) keybies that I got from yesterday. Index will be given to my boyfriend. 8D Thanks The Keybie Café for making these for me and for all the fans of the series as well. (Honoka and Maki from Love Live! were obtained last Otakuzine event)"
Photo by Avegaille


6. Tsundere cuties

Another long-time keybie collector, Erin adds a keybie from one of our more popular series to her collection!

"Finally got my own Tsundere cutie, Midorima Shintaro.  hmmm someday I'm going to collect all my keybies and see how many are they. I'm one of your first fans hehe and i even have the thin ones pa"
Photo by Erin


7. Not just anime–

One of our earliest designs, too!

"Got this at #ToyconPH2014"
Photo by Green Leo


8. Studio Ghibli and Adventure Time cuteness

Genesis jumpstarted her keybie collection with Adventure Time–and one of our special Japan Lover Me Studio Ghibli keybies! Just one of the many treats we served up at Toycon.

Photo by Genesis

Those were 8 reasons, and we’ve got several more on our Instagram, too!


Whether it’s Toycon or any other con, we’ll be happy to get your dose of dotty-eyed cuteness! Stay tuned for our next event, and keep sharing those keybie hauls!

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