A Garden In Your Cupcakes

Let me just share something: I like plants. Rather, I like taking care of plants, and the idea of having plants. Flowers, succulents, anything. I don’t exactly have a green thumb (I’ve killed more than a few plants bought from street stands in Baguio and different flower shops), and it’s only recently that I got pretty successful with growing carnivorous plants (after much research, effort, and munnies), but there’s no simpler way to say it.

I like plants. The prettier or more interesting-looking, the better.

Now, it’s no surprise that I also like desserts, but you’re probably wondering: how would plants figure into them? You wouldn’t really be able to put cute little plants and edible desserts together, would you? Unless they were… vegetable desserts? D:

Behold, cute little plants–of the cupcake variety.

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