Colorfull Collection’s Ib Figure Set

If you call yourself a fan of RPG Maker Horror games, then you have to know kouri‘s Ib. If you don’t, you shouldn’t miss out!

Now, if you’re a figure collector too, you shouldn’t miss out on this Ib figure set by Colorfull Collection (not a typo!).

There’s Ib, Garry and Mary of course–and there’s also the Blue Doll, the Lady In Red, and even Abyss of the Deep (named Deep Sea Abyss here).

Ib figure for your collection?
Look at this cutie!

Metal Samamon gave a well-written review of this figure set on (he also took the photos), and it’s well worth a look!

Colorfull Collection Ib Series set


Love RPG Maker horror games?

Little keybie Ib and Garry on a beaded set!

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Want to get Ib keybies like the ones in the left image? Click here!