Missing Papu: 2 For 100

My family mans our booth in nearly every event the Café attends. There’s my mom, my brother, me, and my dad. We’re a constant sight at conventions.

Papu being Papu at a con

Just like what Papu's doing here.

We’d all carry in our things, then it’ll be up to me to arrange all the designs. I take the longest because I’m the only one who can really do it, while everyone handles customers who’d already picked from designs I would put out as fast as possible.

Lunch would come, and dad would usually volunteer to buy food and bring it in. He’d also buy us Coca Cola in case we’d run out of the ones we usually pack, or go out with my mom to enjoy a little merienda when my brother and I can manage alone. When he wasn’t at our booth, he was mingling with our fellow exhibitors. It’d be a running joke that all our neighbors would become his buddies. More —