Calico Cat Cafe: Play and Dine With The Cutest Cats in Shinjuku, Tokyo!


Early last April I came back from a trip to Japan with my family, and while the trip was short (2 and a half days!), it was utterly amazing and the experiences that were definitely worth repeating. Which I did, in a way–I came back to Japan in late April to enjoy it all over again with a few close friends! Best April ever.

While I got to explore the more cultural and otaku side of Japan with my friends, there were plenty of experiences I was able to enjoy with my family too. One of them was a visit to the kind of cafe I only ever read about, where you can play with amazingly fluffy fluffballs of purrfection.

That cafe was Shinjuku’s Calico Cat Cafe, the largest cat cafe in Tokyo!Calico Cat Cafe

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