Racketeras Unite! A HUGE Thank You To Cosmopolitan PH!!

Last month I wrote a post about looking back, and being in a magazine for the first time. I remember feeling incredibly proud to even be considered for the feature, no matter what size it was or how small I was all those years ago.

Now–I got to relive that joy all over again–being part of a feature in Cosmopolitan Philippines‘ June 2015 issue!

Plugged the Keybie Cafe in the Cosmopolitanph June 2015 issue!

From office cubicles to sassy sidelines

The article features 4 ladies who take their careers outside the every day office cubicle.

Remarkable Raketeras on Cosmopolitanph!Remarkable Raketeras on Cosmopolitanph!

I still work full time in a corporate setting while managing the Keybie Cafe, but the rest of my article companions–Zar Castro, Anna Terrenal, and Beam Mariano–focused more on freelancing and consultancy without a hitch. Even then, they took their creativity to different levels and multi-task like pros!

At the shoot, I even got to talk with fellow entrepreneur Beam Mariano (whose bubbly cheerfulness is infectious) of ArtWine fame. Her passion for crafting is amazing, and all it takes is one look at her adorable felt items to see why!

My mind is still blown, but it was an honor to be a part of this group of creative, business-minded women (though I’m pretty sure I’ve got tons to learn all the same!).

Here’s to more keybies all around!!