Xend issues: delays with international shipping for now

Hi guys! This is just a PSA, since I’ve been using this courier for my international deliveries.

Xend, a large local courier service that I’ve relied on for years, is undergoing internal problems. They involve labor issues with their delivery riders, who went on air to express their frustrations about unpaid benefits and salaries. This resulted in legal action against the company.

What this basically means for many online businesses like me is that we’re out of a viable international shipping option for the time being. I rely on Bluebee Express for my local deliveries and I’m very satisfied with them, but they’re unable to cover shipping outside the Philippines.

As I have pending international orders (that are already packaged and awaiting delivery), I’ve been searching for alternative solutions so I can somehow get these keybies to their destinations. So far though… the alternatives are nowhere near as affordable.

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