Who’s Watching Disney’s Big Hero 6?

Big Hero 6 is showing soon!! Not going to lie: Hiro looks amazingly adorkable. And who else thinks Baymax is the cutest thing ever?

Watch the Big Hero 6 trailer!

Big Hero 6 Keybies?

You bet! Hiro Yamada is already available in all his cute keybie glory at our online store~

Big Hero 6 goodies!



Our friends at Snapsacks released this ultra-adorable Baymax Backpack!

Grab one by ordering at their Facebook page (and tell them the Cafe sent you <3)

Big Hero 6 Giveaway?

Here’s a little challenge.

If we get 10 comments on this post asking for a Baymax keybie, we won’t just make a Baymax keybie–

We’ll give away Hiro and Baymax keybie sets for the next #FridayFreebie. Sound good?

Missed the first trailer?

There also happen to be hidden gems in the trailer, according to blogs.disney.com–did you see any? 😀


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Micah Valero

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