#WNW: Baymax Keybies and More Keybie Mugs at CSCENTRL!


Happy happy New Year everyone!

First of all, it’s officially January 1, 2015 as I finish this post, and boy has 2014 been something–and it wouldn’t have been the same without the support from you guys. Just to recap a few of this year’s blessings:

  • We’ve been able to launch the Keybie Cafe’s website and online store
  • New designs are rolling out faster than ever thanks to the super awesome team of new Keybie Artists
  • We got to participate in new cons and even got to know more awesome people

It wasn’t perfect, especially after our family of four became a family of three shortly after my mom’s birthday, but God gave us means to cope all the same in being busy, being together, and being among caring friends.

Joey the ChihuahuaJoey the chihuahua, the newest member of the family, is a furry little blessing in his own right.

With this Wednesday being last day of 2014, we’ve been able to process a few more designs to wrap it all up amidst the holidays! .

Where to get these keybies?

We want you HAPPY at Keybie Cafe!


All these keybies are officially available at the E-Store (each one links to that specific character for your convenience~), and are also listed at the text-only Keybie List. Stay tuned for updates as to when these keybies will be available at our branches, too! .

All New Designs this #What’sNewWednesday!


Big Hero 6 keybies - BaymaxBig Hero 6 keybies - Baymax (Armored)Final Fantasy VII - Zack FairTsukiuta keybies - Nagatsuki YoruYoutuber keybies - Markiplier
Ragnarok keybies - Sura (male)Ragnarok keybies - Sura (female)


Green Archer Animo keybie Mugs Now at CSCENTRL!

Green Archer mugs

The latest addition to the Cafe’s mug collection is now available at CSCENTRL, Greenbelt 1, Makati! Green-blooded? Coffee-lover? Hot drink lover? If you (or maybe a good friend or two!) are any of these–the Green Archer mug is ready to show off your La Salle pride! The mug features a Green Archer in a familiar pose on green grass, with ANIMO! spelled out loud and proud on the other side!

Grab yours online here!


Don’t see the design you want?

Don’t wait! Have your favorite characters keybified with our custom order form! Need wedding giveaways? Party favors? A unique gift for your best friend? Maybe your significant other? The Keybie Team and me can keybify any character (with some exceptions), including original characters of your own design–and real people! You and your bestie could become keybies yourselves even! .

How to take care of your keybies

Already have a keybie collection? Check out our tips to keeping your keybies clean and looking good as new at our handy little guide to caring for your keybies!

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