Get 20% Off ALL Keybies With Our Big Birthday Sale!!

A lot of things may have happened this June, but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s something to celebrate!

The Cafe ladies, namely me, my mom, and Kay are all June birthday girls (mom on the 3rd, me on the 28th, and Kay on the 30th)–and we’re celebrating our collective birthdays with you with the Cafe’s first ever Big Birthday Sale!

Get 20% off EVERYTHING in the Cafe’s selection for the next 7 days!!

Get 20% off EVERYTHING in the Cafe's selection for the next 7 days with our Big Birthday SALE!!NOTABLE NOTES

  1. This sale applies to all items.
    • That means you also get 20% off our mini-keybie sets, catalog cards, and our small and large sizes.
    • This also includes all submitted designs that are to be keybified as is and do not require editing.
    • For example, a regular keybie will be P40 instead of P50.
  2. To get the discount in our e-store, use the discount code BDAYSALE.
  3. This applies to all orders made from today until midnight of July 5, 2014. Don’t be a Cinderella and wait until the last minute!
  4. Please note that this does NOT apply to new designs. Designs that aren’t in our collection yet will still cost P100 to make :O

Get it? Got it? Awesome!

Get your orders in now through either our order form or e-store!!


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