5 Reasons Why Keybie Customers Are Awesome

Our customers can get pretty creative with their purchases. They’ve also got hearts of gold, from what they tell us about giving keybies as gifts to their friends.

Keybie customers are awesome <3

Here we put together a short feature of some of our keybie customers as a small thank you for sharing, and for being awesome!

1. Who can’t get enough of Frozen?


Image credit: Ella and Izelle


2. Gundam keybie comics!

It's too bad Star Build Strike's going away for storage :( Strike and Morgiana

Image credit: Gunpla Meister Bro


3. These keybies are definitely going places.


Image credit: Aaron Manuyag


4. It’s always Adventure Time with these cuties

A teeny Finn keybie between a big squishy Finn and Marceline Ice King must be upset that Gunter's gotten so tiny

Image credit: Angeline Acosta and @iruka11


5. Animal Crossing New Leaf’s looking ready with its adorable secretary!

Animal Crossing New Leaf with Isabella

Image credit: Mara

Got your own to share?

We love it when you guys share your collections with us! Make sure we see your pictures by:

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  2. Sending us a link on Tumblr
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