Celebrate Science Month with carnivorous plants in your classroom!

To celebrate Science Month, Fyukinta’s Flants is partnering with Monster Mama PH to bring carnivorous plants into your science classroom! We’ll be giving one lucky class a FREE set of live carnivorous plants with a grow light and care sheets so you can watch them grow and document your learnings as you take care of them.

Carnivorous plants in your classroom with Fyukinta's Flant and Monster Mama PH!
Do you want to learn about carnivorous plants?

One (1) science class will get:

  • 2 pitcher plants
  • 2 sundews
  • 1 grow kit
  • 1 small grow light
  • Care sheets

Capillaris, Binata, and Burmannii sundews Spatulata sundewsGracilis black pitcher plant Gracilis pitcher plant
You can watch these carnivorous plants grow in your classroom!


  • The recipient Science class must be:
    1. Grade 4 and up (Private or Public)
    2. Within the Northern area of Metro Manila (QC, Marikina, CAMANAVA)
    3. Be able to provide group observations and photos of the plants 3 times minimum: when received, after one month, and after two months
  • Interested teachers must answer this Google Form. Basic details will be asked including the question: What would you like to learn about Carnivorous Plants? Why? (Ano ang nais mong malaman sa mga carnivorous plants? Bakit?)
  • Students are encouraged to make content (photos, videos, journals) about the plants and can attach these to the logs.
  • Shipping/delivery will be handled by us.
  • The chosen teacher and class must send their weekly logs to us via email.
  • The teacher and class must provide permission for their logs to be shared on both the @MonsterMamaPH and @Fyukintaflants social media accounts.
  • The Google form will close by September 30, 2023, Saturday.
  • The recipient Science class will be announced on the first week of October 2023.

We’re super excited to share the world of carnivorous plants with a class this Science Month! We’ll be waiting for your entries!

About Monster Mama PH

Monster Mama PH
Good monsters abound. Some are in your Mama’s garden.

Monster Mama PH is a wonderful lady who raises and sells beautiful carnivorous plants, such as sundews, pitcher plants, and Utricularia. She posts great content about her plants online from her growing space in Valenzuela.

Want to try growing carnivorous plants from seeds? She’s got seed grow kits with care sheets that let you grow your own plants. These complete kits include the seeds (of course), a pack of media, a plant tag, a pot, and a detailed sowing guide. She also sells plant supplies like pots, insecticides safe for carnivorous plants, plant tags, and even books on carnivorous plants.

Make sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Shopee, and Lazada! She also has an adorable furbaby corgi named Dreamer who sometimes helps in the garden.


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