Growing sundews: basic care and information

Sundews (scientific name drosera) are beautiful carnivorous plants that use their sticky dew to trap and digest their prey. With more than a hundred varieties with varying degrees of difficulty available, it’s always best to look up a particular sundew online first to see if you can give it the care it needs.

Tropical sundews

This guide will talk about how to care for several basic and affordable sundews you can buy in the Philippines, listed below. I take care of sundews that are easier to grow and can be kept alongside Venus flytraps, pitcher plants (or nepenthes), Byblis, and any other carnivorous plant without any specific difference in care.

This grow guide covers the following:

•  Kinds of sundews
•  Basic care
ㅤㅤ•  Lighting requirements
ㅤㅤ•  Watering sundews
ㅤㅤ•  Growing medium
•  Pot selection and repotting
•  How to feed sundews
•  Preventing diseases

Because propagation is an important and fun part of keeping sundews, I dedicated a complete guide to it! Check it out to learn how to propagate certain sundew varieties.

This guide also has affiliate links that might give me a small commission if you purchase the items they link to. This has no additional cost to you whatsoever, as these are all items that I’ve bought and used myself. If you choose to buy any of these items through my links, thank you so much!

Kinds of sundews

Sundews can look very different from each other, with some growing small and button-like while some grow huge. They have a wide variety of leaf shapes and sizes, and some from the petiolaris complex group even look like fireworks (like D. Paradoxa).

D. Paradoxa looking like red fireworks

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