Keybies for a Cause: Help MAS Dogs Keybie Fundraising Campaign

This love month, help the homeless dogs of the Mandaluyong pound when you buy keybie accessories, or when you commission a keybie of your furbaby!

We’ll be donating 50% of all proceeds from this campaign to help fund the Mass Vax Drive 2019, which will get over 70 impounded dogs vaccinated with 5in1 and protect their health as they wait to be adopted in forever homes.

Keybies for a Cause - Help MAS Dogs Keybie Fundraising Campaign

Our goal is to raise the PHP10k they need to pay by March 15 through keybie sales from the designs listed further below. Every amount helps, and we’ve put together several options you can choose from! 

How to order

Please fill out our order form. You can list the designs you want (including customs) in the designated field, and indicate whether you want them as keychains, dustplugs, or magnets. Payment is through bank deposit (BDO/BPI).

Remember, you don’t need to have a bank account to make a deposit! Once I receive your order, I’ll send you an order summary with our bank details for confirmation and payment.

We’re currently working on making PayPal available for this campaign via our online shop. This is because direct PayPal payment incurs high service fees. To avoid confusion, these items will be unlisted in our online shop for now as we are concentrating their sales towards this campaign.

Item delivery

Orders will be processed only upon payment. Commissions of custom pet portraits will be queued in a waiting list and delivered as they are finished. Please note that our lead time for custom designs is usually 2 weeks, from drawing to finished product!

Keybies for MAS

1. Pet portraits (Medium size P220/P520, Large size P250/P550)

Keybies for a cause - custom pet portraits
Commission a custom keybie portrait of your pet!

Just send us a picture of your furbaby via Facebook or Instagram and an order form to have their likeness produced in a large or medium keybie, which can then be made into a keychain, phone charm, or magnet. What’s more, you will also receive the hi-res image of the art for your personal use. This keybie portrait will cost P520 for medium and P550 for large.

Alternatively, you can send us your doggo’s picture (FULL BODY PICS) to be made into a keybie as is, with no drawing/editing. This as-is keybie costs only P220 for medium and P250 for large!

Don’t forget to tell us the name and breed of your furbabies!

Keybies for a cause - custom pet portraits

2. Keybie mini and teeny sets (P80)

These sets are only available as keychains or dustplugs.

  • Mini keybie sets of two (has 2 small keybies per keychain/dustplug. Set can be any combination of the designs below:

Keybies for a Cause: Help MAS Dogs Keybie Fundraising Campaign

•   Pillow pets: Panda, Cow, White Pig, Black Pig, Spotted Cat, Orange Cat, Bunny
•   Pet food: Cat brownie, Bunny donut, Piggy cupcake
•   Japan Lover Me: Bunny and Chick
•   Pusheen

  • Teeny keybie piggy cupcake set of 3 (has 3 tiny keybies per keychain/dustplug, not available as magnet)

3. Animal and character keybies (P20-P100)

All the items here are available as keychains, dustplugs, and magnets.

  • We Bare Bears  (P70 – Griz, Panda, Ice Bear, Bearstack)
  • We Bare Bears (P100 – mini keybie set)


  • My Little Pony (P70, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, Derpy Hooves, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Princess Cadence, Princess Celestia, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle)

Keybies for a Cause: Help MAS Dogs Keybie Fundraising Campaign

  • Flappy Bird set (P70)

  • Pet tails (P70)

Keybies for a Cause: Help MAS Dogs Keybie Fundraising Campaign

•   Pink Cat (available in pink, blue, orange, green, and gray)
•   Fox
•   Raccoon

  • White and Black Pig (P70)

Keybies for a Cause: Help MAS Dogs Keybie Fundraising Campaign

  • Anti-Nyan Cat (P20)

  • Angry Birds (P20)

Keybies for a Cause: Help MAS Dogs Keybie Fundraising Campaign

About Help MAS Dogs

Help MAS Dogs: Citizen’s Initiative is a group of volunteers who care for and work to find forever homes for the dogs of the Mandaluyong Animal Shelter. Not only do they raise funds to provide vet treatment to sick dogs for their quality of life and adoptable status, they also take the time to educate those who aren’t aware of the consequences of leaving their canine companions, for whatever reason, in a shelter.

If you’re looking for a doggy companion to love and care for, do consider adoption. They have many adoptables who could be the next love of your life, like Huma!

MAS Adoptable Dog - Huma

Huma is female, short, and loves human attention. She’s a bit selective of doggy friends though, which makes her better suited to a home where she’s the only dog. 

Have any questions?

Feel free to message us on Facebook or Instagram—and should you make a purchase, do share your pics of your keybies and furbabies with us!

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Make sure to also follow Help MAS Dogs on Facebook and Instagram too for adoption stories and sweet shelter dogs who could be the next love of your life. 

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Help us find HUMA a home! One of the most affectionate and loving dogs in the MAS pack. Check out our other adoption post about her on our feed! #MASdogHuma

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