How to Pay Through Bank Deposit for Beginners!

A lot of of our customers aren’t familiar with banks, but they’re far from hard to handle.

We’ll teach you how to pay for your keybies via traditional bank deposit the quick and easy way–and nope, you don’t need a bank account to do this! Whether you plan to buy keybies for yourself or want to make an order for you and your friends all together, this tutorial will answer all your questions.

Take note, there are also ways to pay using bank transfers, and that’s the one that needs a bank account (because you’re transferring money from one account to another). You can also transfer online to banks using apps like Gcash!

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Step 1: Find a branch!

How to pay through bank deposit - Step 1: Find a bank branch!


Google is your friend for everything, from pizza delivery numbers to homework to references for everything–as well as bank branches.

We offer BPI and BDO bank deposit options, and we’ll bet you keybies that you’ll be able to find a branch of one or the other in your area.

Step 2: Fill out a slip

Step 2: Fill out a 'cash deposit' slip


Guards are very helpful for pointing out what forms you’ll need.

Just look for either a cash or check deposit slip, depending on how you’re paying for your keybies. Then you fill out the slip using our details, which we’ll send to you through email (this is after you’ve made an order).

Step 3: Give the slip and the money (or check) to the teller

How to pay through bank deposit - Step 3: Give the slip and the money (or check) to the teller


Also, try to avoid taking out your phone while you’re in banks!

In case there’s a line, just wait patiently. You’re almost done!

Step 4: Send the deposit slip to keybiecafe [at]!

How to pay through bank deposit - Step 4: Send the deposit slip to keybiecafe [at] or on our Facebook!


Congratulations! The hard part is over!

Now all that’s left to do is let us know you’ve paid by sending us a picture of the deposit slip.

Once that’s done, sit back, relax, and wait for your keybies!



Easy, right?

Now you can get the keybies you always wanted! Hope you found our little infographic useful! <3

How to pay through bank deposit infographic

Doodle-licious Art by Kay

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