Coffee, Dessert, Board Games and Friends Part 2: Puzzles Board Game Lounge

Moving on from cool toilets in a Saturday of fun, friends and birthday celebrations–we visited the star location of the day’s outing: Puzzles: Board Game Lounge.

Puzzles: Board Game and Lounge

If you’ve read my last post, you’ll remember I said Puzzles is one place you can’t miss when you go to BF Homes. You might actually want to go to BF Homes just to visit Puzzles.

Puzzles: Board Game Lounge gives exactly what it says–a lounge-ful of quality board games and puzzles for friends and family to enjoy.


Our selection for the afternoon

Puzzles: Game Lounge

My friends and I didn’t play Yahtzee, but we did play Cards Against Humanity and Dirty Minds. It’s safe to say that these games say a lot about the players playing them.

In this case, we can safely say we thoroughly enjoyed being funny, horrible people while laughing our lungs out.

We can also say it’s best to play Cards Against Humanity first before Dirty Minds.

People who are familiar with Cards Against Humanity will understand if I choose not to share any of the black or white cards we drew :P

They were just… so very against humanity.


Games, games, and–yep, games

Puzzles is also the South’s first board game lounge, with titles like Walking Dead, Clue, Cards Against Humanity, and classics like Jenga, Twister and Scrabble.

Up for Dungeons and Dragons? I spotted a box up there, but unfortunately, there was only so much time that afternoon for enough games.

There’s also a menu of food and drinks (coffee or beer? They’ve got both!) to enjoy while you’re either beating your game buddies or letting your friends beat you with either skill or luck, making this place a seriously cool choice to spend an afternoon with your barkada in.

We did just that.

(Image source: Puzzles: Board Game Lounge)


Puzzles: Board Game Lounge (0917 855 5755)
287 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque
Facebook – Instagram

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