#WNW: Mystery Skulls Animated, Japan and Joker Keybies!

December’s in full swing and the Cafe’s in major crunch-mode–so much that, as you may have already heard, we’ve stopped taking orders this Christmas!

Toycon aftermath, orders, new keybies--can't imagine how Santa does it. 'Bout you guys? Enjoying your Christmas vacation? :D
Santa Manager trying to be Santa… she needs elves. So many elves.


So what’s new since last Wednesday? Whelp–we’ve given a certain redhead from Bleach a makeover, and Harley Quinn’s no longer alone in the Batman collection. Maybe next year we’ll get Batman himself–who knows?

We’ve also got new designs of a certain video that’s swept up a good part of Tumblr into a frenzy. After watching the video myself, I couldn’t help it–I had to animate.

I’d like to start off and say straight out that I suck at animating, and I never went past anything more than sparkles or confetti… until now. Now, I have that much more respect overflowing for animators because hot damn was I having trouble just getting heads to do the classic Ghost bob. Who’d have thought??

Mystery Skulls Animated keybies - LewisMystery Skulls Animated keybies - ViviMystery Skulls Animated keybies - Arthur

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.

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