#WNW: Every keybie released in 2018!!

Happy 2019, everyone!!

Wouldn’t you know it, the last time we did a #WhatsNewWednesday post was also January, of last year. WHELP, that’s one of our many New Year’s resolutions this year (mainly to consistently post these design round-ups) but to kick off this year, we’re making up for our absence! We’re putting together all the keybies we’ve made in 2018! Kind of like our own version of Youtube Rewind? Keybie Rewind, anyone?

What happened in 2018?

Last year was full of new and exciting things: we released our sticker line, and we even introduced 2 new locations to buy keybies in! We also introduced new attachments, namely the magnet, the planner charm, and the BIGbie. We also reintroduced some items, like the tote bag. Apart from all these new products and designs, we also have you to thank for all the custom keybies you, our fantastic #keybiecustomers, gave for Christmas! The Keybie Team and I were so honored to keybify your friends loved ones <3 It’s really thanks to you guys that the Keybie Cafe has been running for more than a decade now.

We’re not including every design here, mainly our customs, but make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to make sure you see all the dotty goodness we come up with–like a keybie Catriona Gray!

We’re coming up with a summary of those new attachments and variations in another post as a handy gift guide, so watch out for it! In the meantime, check out all 93 of our new keybie designs available below!

Goblin Slayer keybies - Goblin Slayer Boruto keybies - Boruto Uzumaki Cells at Work keybies - Platelet
League of Legends keybies - KDA Akali Neon Spiderman keybies - Venom Darling in the Franxx keybies - Zero Two
Doki Doki Literature Club keybies - Monika Fate Grand Order keybies - Abigail Williams (Final Form) Fate Grand Order keybies - Edmond Dantes

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