Macaron Vs. Macaroon

Macaron? Macaroon? Which is it?

Macarons and macaroons

One is a colorful French dessert you can treat yourself to at Bizu and Laduree, and one is a coconut-y treat you can bite into at most pastry shops–or make yourself. Because the Keybie Cafe also shares desserts and coffee here, it’s only fitting that we share the cute deliciousness of the macaron and its close-but-not-really namesake–and how they’re both properly pronounced. .

Macaron Vs. Macaroon

With only an extra ‘o’ to spell the verbal difference between them, the macaron and macaroon are almost always mistaken for the other in the spelling world. To help you understand le difference between the macaron and the macaroon, I drew this handy little infographic!

Now, next time you sink your teeth into a yummy macaron–maybe in lemon, chocolate, pistachio, or even rose–you can say this this tasty dessert’s name with enough confidence to make the French proud!

Just not while your mouth is full, ok?