Undertale Keybies

After Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special and Christmas Toycon, I realized something. Something that came up quite often in both cons. Something that pleasantly surprised me at first. Something that then escalated into producing surprisingly violent reactions.

That something—is the subject of Undertale keybies.

Specifically: why the Keybie Café doesn’t have any.


Now, I love Undertale myself. I haven’t been able to play it because I don’t have Steam, nor do I actually have… Much time to play games, for that matter. Still, I adore the characters, I adore the story, and I love the game mechanics.

It’s because I love Undertale that we don’t sell them at our online shop, or at conventions. As much as I love the skelebros, you won’t find keybie versions of them for sale.

That’s because Undertale is an indie game. Toby Fox and his team aren’t like Nintendo or Square Enix–when someone sells unofficial merchandise of their work, they feel it. That’s income that should’ve been theirs falling out of their pockets, from a game they were only able to make with the support of fans.

Most people, myself included, think that I shouldn’t have to explain this, really. But after one guy thought it was cool to kick my convention table in what I can only describe as a frustrated moment of passion when I told him this exact same thing–I think the matter needs to be touched on more clearly.

Heck, Toby himself already made the matter clear as day on the Undertale blog:

In the meantime, could you guys and gals (and guys) NOT sell unofficial UNDERTALE merch? For the record, I’m OK with one-off commissions (such as the clay models, that felt toriel plush, a drawing of a skeleton you paid someone to do, etc.) but when products show up mass produced at a con or on a website, then we’re going to have a problem.

That’s why we don’t sell Undertale keybies, plain and simple.

While Undertale keybies would’ve been cool to have, if you’re determined to get Undertale merch, please support Toby and his team by buying the official Undertale merchandise instead. They’ve got shirts and stickers and lots of other goodies!

Undertale keybies?

Speaking of goodies–

If there’s one more thing I love about Undertale, it’s the content it inspires. That’s why I want to share some of my favorite Undertale comics on tumblr! If you love Sans and Papyrus and Undyne and Alphys and Toriel and Asgore and Mettaton and Flowey and everyone, you’ll get one heck of a kick from these. I sure as heck did!

Some of these are comic series, and some are ask blogs. These can all be found on tumblr, and more can be found on my own tumblr’s Undertale tag. Of course, most of these are spoiler-iffic, so be warned!

  1. Aftertale AU: What happened after the events of Undertale? Or rather… after what we think had happened?
  2. Lil Skelebros: What were the skelebros like as children? This ask blog also features WD Gaster as their father.
  3. Christmas Party AU: Where all the skelebros from different AUs have one happy (?) Christmas party. This one features several versions of the skelebros and they are all awesome.
  4. Road Trip: Frisk and all his friends are out, but why are they sneaking out late at night for?
  5. The Forgotten Ones: What if WD Gaster was the one that gave Sans his power? Featuring Gaster’s experiments and a younger (but no less punnier) Sans.
  6. Head AU: A Genocide route AU comic where everything is the same–only Papyrus’s head is still alive.

That’s it for now, but if you guys want me to share more Undertale stuff (I hoard them like nobody’s business) or if you have cool content to share too, comment away below!

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