Fyukinta’s Flants carnivorous plant documentary + giveaway!

2023 had a great start for Fyukinta’s Flants. Not only did we start the new year with a sale, but we also did something completely new: film a whole documentary!

An Inoh x Fyukinta’s Flants collaboration!

Thanks to Rembrandt “Inoh” Olegario and his team (Harold Prince Zabarte and Marc Rosaceña), Fyukinta’s Flants got its own YouTube documentary featuring my garden and yours truly.

How Fyukinta’s Flants met Inoh

I first knew about Inoh from his composting videos in 2020, when we were all stuck at home and I was trying different things in the garden apart from raising carnivorous plants. His Complete Guide to Composting was both super simple and very comprehensive, and his explanation and chill presentation made composting a fun learning experience.

Complete guide to Composting: making homemade organic fertilizer

I subscribed, and watched his channel grow from a few hundred subs to over 30k as he explored raising BSFL (black soldier fly larvae) and other activities like making different organic fertilizers and growing different plants. He’s spoken in different schools about the importance of sustainability, and he’s even explored whether recycling materials by selling them to a junk shop was a sustainable practice in itself.

Kalakal series: benta kalakal sa junkshop, sustainable nga ba?

In December, he reached out to me on social media. He mentioned he’d like to make a documentary feature, with Fyukinta’s Flants as his first subject. We ironed out details, and we set the shoot!

Shooting the documentary

The shoot was thankfully blessed with good weather, with just a little drizzle in the middle of the interview section. We got all the questions out of the way too. This includes where the names “Fyukinta” and “Inoh” came from before I shared my own carnivorous plant journey. It was good vibes all around, even though a helicopter flew overhead thrice!

Check out that happy dance at the end!

Inoh also gave me some dubia roaches he’d raised. I learned they’re commonly used as feed for lizard pets like bearded dragons. We fed the venus flytraps a few of them for the shoot, and I realized these little critters can move pretty quickly if you don’t have a good grip on them.

A flytrap feeding fail if there ever was one

Eco Hustle: Fyukinta’s Flants

The documentary itself talks about how I started raising carnivorous plants, way back in 2011 and again in 2019. When the pandemic got everyone exploring new things to do while stuck at home, I began Fyukinta’s Flants. It helped me document my growing collection and learnings while also helping other new enthusiasts get into the hobby.

Eco Hustle: Meet Fyukinta and her many plants

I love talking about carnivorous plants, and I love sharing what I know with people who are interested about them too. My hobby became a business as I took to selling plants for beginners and collectors alike. I also provide gardening necessities like TDS meters, pots, growing media and even pesticide. Of course, I offer free carnivorous plant guides with the goal of helping newbies understand what these plants need.

The garden tour

How much space do you need to grow carnivorous plants? What do you need to make a steady setup that you can manage even while working?

Inoh’s garden tour of my little space walks you through the different parts of my bug-eating garden, from my lights to my water system! This hopefully gives you an idea of how you might want to set up yours.

This is my happy space and it’s built with a lot of love.

Come explore my garden with me!

I also show some of my favorite plants, my rock gardens from Frustrated Carnivore, and even some ongoing projects. This includes a little Ferrero Rocher U. Graminifolia heart. I even have a little female betta living in my shelves!

Though it wasn’t around during the shoot, I now also have some growing mushrooms and another tank of cherry shrimp (neocaridina)!

@fyukintaflants My brown oyster mushrooms are ready for harvest in the morning I think, but had to record them gently spreading their spores in the night ???????? #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #mushroom #mushrooms #mushroomasmr #mushroomcloud #MadeWithKeurigContest ♬ Calm LoFi song(882353) – S_R

Join our giveaway

To celebrate our documentary with Inoh, we held a little giveaway! We’ve got venus flytraps and sundews up for grabs, and you can still join before 10PM on April 1!

Even if you weren’t able to join, make sure to follow us for more giveaways in the future!

Make sure to follow Inoh on his YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok!


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