#WNW: Trese, Persona 4, Fire Emblem Awakening and More New Keybies!

How do you beat the heat?

After getting to experience spring in Japan, coming back to Manila was a blast–a blast from a blowdryer, only it’s not a blowdryer. It’s everywhere. While I prepare my Japan series, I’m rounding up another set of new keybies for #What’sNewWednesday!

The Flash joins our collection of heroes, Nowi joins Lucina in our Fire Emblem Awakening keybie collection, and Rise joins Yukiko in our Persona 4 collection!

We also have even more k-pop keybies with CNU of B1A4 and all the members of VIXX–as well as Trese, the Kambal, and Reborn from Katekyo Hitman Reborn redrawn!

Fire Emblem Awakening keybies - NowiPersona 4 keybies - Rise Kujikawa

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