Best of Anime 2014 Aftermath!

Congratulations to Chard Ligsay for winning 2nd runner up! Glad you like your Solid Snake keybie! > w <)/ Uber uber cute cosplay of Fairy Tail's Gajeel Redfox and Levy McGarden with their keybie lookalikes!


Last weekend was a doozy, but in a great way! Even though Typhoon Mario threw a wrench into our ingress plans the day before, we managed pretty well Saturday morning to begin Best of Anime. I was really sleepy though. Just not a morning person D:

Sunday was much busier–I manned the booth by my lonesome while mum went and battled fate for close parking. The struggle was real, but she won! Dad would’ve been proud.

Still, SMX was nice and cold, the area we were in was spacious, and thanks to the screens at the back where the cosplayers can sit and hang out, we got to see some of the performances whenever the crowd thinned enough :D

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