Best of Anime 2014 Aftermath!

Congratulations to Chard Ligsay for winning 2nd runner up! Glad you like your Solid Snake keybie! > w <)/ Uber uber cute cosplay of Fairy Tail's Gajeel Redfox and Levy McGarden with their keybie lookalikes!


Last weekend was a doozy, but in a great way! Even though Typhoon Mario threw a wrench into our ingress plans the day before, we managed pretty well Saturday morning to begin Best of Anime. I was really sleepy though. Just not a morning person D:

Sunday was much busier–I manned the booth by my lonesome while mum went and battled fate for close parking. The struggle was real, but she won! Dad would’ve been proud.

Still, SMX was nice and cold, the area we were in was spacious, and thanks to the screens at the back where the cosplayers can sit and hang out, we got to see some of the performances whenever the crowd thinned enough :D


All new designs

For newcomers to the Cafe and its ways–if you’re looking for a character, all you need to do is ask me. I’m a living version of the Keybie List. Admittedly though, I started getting rusty after 600. Is it age? … D:>

Ok, so I still have trouble remembering all the names of the ladies from Love Live!, but just let me jog my memory a bit and I’ll be able to locate your design–as long as we have it.

My general rule is, if it doesn’t sound familiar, then we don’t have it. Simple! So just make sure you pronounce those anime names and titles right, guys :D


Keybie Lookalikes

Swaggalicious Heiwajima Shizuo of Durarara with his keybie lookalike~! Pretty Asuna of Sword Art Online with her keybie lookalike--of a previous version, that is. It'sa him, Mario--with his genderbent cosplayer!  Levi with their keybie lookalike!

What’s Best of Anime without awesome cosplayers?

True enough, we got so many new cosplayers with their keybie selves for our Keybie Lookalikes album on both days! Feel free to tag yourselves or your friends, too!

Awesome Jade cosplay! Magi: Labyrinth's of Magic's Alibaba with their keybie lookalike--love the details on this cosplay! President Mankanshoku Mako with her keybie! Boris Airay with his cute genderbent cosplay!  On a side note, I didn't think I'd ever see a Heart no Kuni no Alice cosplay * A *) Personal fave, this one!


Beaded keybies?

Beaded keybies!

If you’re wondering where in the store you can find these beaded keybie sets, the answer would be: they’re not there. Beaded keybie sets are only ordered online through our custom order form, and cost P100 each for 1-2 charms.

A customer who ordered these special keybie sets online got them at Best of Anime 2014, and if you want to order your own, let us know in advance!

Remember, we also offer pick-ups of both custom orders and reservations at our events. All we need is an order form and at least 2 weeks notice~

Stay tuned for our events by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr!


heidi. Live in Manila!

Visual kei band heidi. came to perform on both days, and I didn’t even realize who they were until I went out of the booth and passed near the stage > _ <) It’s a small thing, but I only know them because of Loop. 

Which was the 2nd ending song of Kaichou Wa Maid Sama!.

Which was an anime I fangirl’d over really hard back in the day.

They may have not played Loop but seeing heidi. live on both days brought me such nostalgic feels.

It’s not all the time this onee-san feels like a high school girl again. TT u TT)9

heidi. performing live!  


Friends and Family

There’s me being chin-tastic with my cousin Tonyboy, and grabbing a selfie with ate Katz (better known as Nekomi Kasai, cosplaying Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena~).

Congratulations on your ‘wedding’ again, ate! ;D

Chin-tastic cousinsSelfie with Ate Katz (Nekomi Kasai) and her Japan Lover Me Ghibli Group keybie <3


At the end of the day

To say mum and I were tired afterwards is an epic understatement, but we’d take bone tired over bored any day–which was the complete opposite of Best of Anime 2014!

We’d like to thank you guys for that! It was so awesome seeing veteran keybie collectors and newcomers to the Cafe getting their dotty-eyed doses. We couldn’t have kept going for more than half a decade without you! <3

Though I wasn’t able to take as many photos of the event itself (moving around the booth took enough effort to snap those epic Keybie Lookalikes), I had to pause and put down our luggage to snap this pic below.

Impressive cosplay weapon there, sir.

Such majesty. Such… big.

Until our next event–which would be Cosplay Mania!

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