Cafe Talk: Know Your Types of Coffee!

We’re giving you a little crash course in coffee!

Let’s appreciate this yummy cup of happiness by getting to know the different types of coffee better!

Types of Coffee

Cute Brewed CoffeeBrewed Coffee

Also called the drip brew or filtered coffee, it’s the most basic type of coffee. Water is poured over roasted, ground coffee to create the classic cup most of us love. Contrary to popular belief, the key to a good brew isn’t solely in the kind of coffee bean you use; the water that dictates the taste, if not the overall quality.

Cute Espresso CoffeeEspresso

Pronounced without an ‘x,’ this is a highly concentrated, richer, stronger kind of coffee brought about by the process of forcing steam through finely ground roasted coffee beans. Without espresso, the succeeding kinds of coffee would not have come into being.

Cute Cafe AmericanoCafé Americano

Even if it says Americano outright, don’t be fooled by the name. It’s actually what Europeans call a watered-down espresso. Europeans, we see what you did there!

Cute CappuccinoCappuccino

Easily distinguishable by the milk foam on top, it has steamed milk and espresso at the bottom. It’s perfect for creating that white mustache. Too bad you can’t twirl the ends though, like a sir.

Cute LatteLatte

If Cappuccino has more milk foam, Latte has more steamed milk than milk foam and espresso. Café Latte is different from Café au Lait through. When you hear Latte, think coffee of Italian origins with espresso. Au Lait is French with a French-pressed drip coffee as its base.

Cute MacchiatoMacchiato

It’s an espresso but with milk foam on top. There’s nothing like a milk foam to hide a darker, stronger character underneath it! Cat likes to call it the mysterious one.



That’s not all of them–

But they are the basics! Which one of these is your favorite?

I’m a latte fan :D



Written by Cat Suelo