Keybie Team Shares: Artists We Love!

With February being the month that celebrates both Valentine’s and National Arts Month, we’re featuring the whole Keybie Team’s favorite artists, or, to put it more appropriately, artists we love!

Whether we crush on their skills, their work, their attitude towards their passion, or all of the above, these artists are just too awesome not to share. Because hey, we (and any artist, really) know that even a little appreciation goes a long way.


Michelle Czajkowski
selected by Micah

Ava's Demon

Even without being aware of this artist’s impressive background, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by her command of color, design, and the sheer amount of imagination that must’ve gone into her concepts. Every page of her webcomic, Ava’s Demon, is a fully colored scene that takes you through an addicting story with beautifully designed characters–and at the risk of spoiling the story, I won’t say anything more.

Each chapter even boasts of an animated finale, showing off skills that make me tingle with feels of admiration and envy–and it’s pretty inspirational when you realize it was a story she wrote when she was young and depressed. When you can take a burden and turn it into something beautiful, I can’t imagine how anyone wouldn’t be inspired.

As someone who uses Photoshop too, being able to see her process pics and finished work tells me that no, she doesn’t use magic to paint such vibrant pieces, and that yes, I just need to keep exploring colors, study, and practice to one day paint with as much life.

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