Otaku Expo 2015 Aftermath

Held in Megatrade Hall 2-3 last January 24 and 25, Otaku Expo 2015 was our first con of the year, and man was it a doozy. The crowds were much, much less congested than last year, though that didn’t stop us from being busy.

The keybie spill below, for example, is a usual sight at ingress–no, we didn’t have an ‘accident’. I’m just arranging all 600+ designs.

Keybie spill on aisle 7!

Where did we put all these, you might ask?

This year, we had keybies on the walls instead of on our usual stands or table frames, which meant the debut of–the great wall of Keybie! Times two!!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a picture of these majestically large walls in their totality, but rest assured–this won’t be the last you see of the Keybie walls.

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