#WNW: More Tokyo Ghoul and Star Wars Keybies!

Hellooo December, and hello new designs! What’s new this Wednesday? Last week we introduced our awesome new Adventure Time mugs, and for this week, we’re happy to introduce more characters from Tokyo Ghoul, and two iconic characters from Star Wars! With Christmas coming up, have you prepared your wishlists and gifts yet? ;) .

Where to get these keybies?

We want you HAPPY at Keybie Cafe!


All these keybies are officially available at the E-Store (each one links to that specific character for your convenience~), and are also listed at the text-only Keybie List. Stay tuned for updates as to when these keybies will be available at our branches, too!

Tokyo Ghoul keybies - Kaneki KenTokyo Ghoul keybies - Kirishima ToukaTokyo Ghoul keybies - Tsukiyama Shuu


All New Designs this #What’sNewWednesday!

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