RPG Maker Horror Game Quotes Collection

What makes a horror game scary?

Is it the jumpscares? The music? The undead running after you?

Not in these particular horror games–except maybe Mad Father, as far as the undead are concerned.

RPG Maker horror games are the perfect example of how atmosphere, music and story can deliver spine-tingling scares that don’t necessarily rely on jumpscares to make your adrenaline pump–even when everything is rendered in pixel cuteness.

RPG Maker Horror Quotable Quotes Collection

Whether they introduced us to unforgettable worlds like Guertena’s gallery or how horrible humans can be (spoiler alert!), these free horror games dish out scares on levels that would make the Grudge lady proud–and we’ve gathered the most quotable quotes from our list of top RPG Maker games to give you a taste of what they have to offer.

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