CSCENTRL Closed: Other Places To Buy Keybies

.CSCENTRL, Greenbelt 1 is closed Regulars at Greenbelt 1 may have already noticed, but unfortunately–CSCENTRL, the hobby shop in Greenbelt 1 right across Greenbelt 5, is now closed. CSCENTRL was our first mall location, and it had been helping us serve keybie cuteness for more than six years. We’re not sure yet when we’ll be able to sell keybies in the Makati area again, but we’ll keep you guys posted for sure. .

Where will I get keybies now? D:

CSCENTRL may be closed, but you can still get your keybie dose at JAE Collectibles, Lower Building B, Megamall! It’s right next to ACE Hardware, and if you go to the bathroom–you just can’t miss it. To make up, JAE Collectibles is now twice as full of keybies, with keybie mugs also available for sale!

Don’t forget to check up top, too!


Megamall too far?

No worries–you can always order online! You can view all our designs at our E-Store, and have them shipped right to your home. Cute fandom accessories, all at the Keybie Cafe! Payment can be made through bank deposit, or through PayPal for internationals.

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