Monster Date Problems: 10 Tips We Learned From Dating Monsters

Real problems, unreal dates. In the spirit of Halloween, we take dating from the point of view of one young man named Jim who takes the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder‘ to a whole new level–and learn from his many, many exploits.

Whether winter elementals to giants to vampires to a multitude of other monsters looking for love, Jim teaches us that some dating tips are useful for any walk of life–or non-life, as it were.


1. Despite best intentions, some people just aren’t compatible with each other.

Monster Date Problems 3


2. Sometimes honesty just isn’t the best policy.

Monster Date Problems 12


3. Even if things get rough in the relationship, there’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough.

Monster Date Problems 57


4. Not all reactions to horror movies are cute.

Monster Date Problems 8


5. It pays to do a little research about your date. Just avoid being creepy about.

Monster Date Problems 38


6. When your significant other makes odd yet sincere requests, they’re usually for your own good.

Monster Date Problems 50


7. When dating, a reliable wingman is a great advantage.

Monster Date Problems 59


8. Remember though–even loyal wingmen can get fed up with repeatedly bad decisions.

Monster Date Problems 82


9. It pays to have extra cash just in case. Granted, that’s a tip that’s useful for just about anything.

Monster Date Problems 1


10. When you see an opportunity to be smooth–

Monster Date Problems 46

–Take it.

Monster Date Problems 47


MistaWolfie Read more Monster Date Problems by MistaWolfie to follow more of Jim’s (and his ever-suffering wingman Marcus) adventures in the potentially dangerous territory that is Jim’s love life. This webcomic is updated with two new comics every weekend.

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