OTACON 2014 Aftermath!

Dotty-eyed keybie goodness at OTACON!

It took a while, but we have finally have our little report about OTACON! It was our first time attending a con in Glorietta, and on November 1st, no less, but that didn’t stop awesome people from coming–and buying their early Christmas gifts!


New Keybie Designs

No Game No Life’s Shiro, Haikyuu’s Hinata and Kenma and Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki Ken were among our newest additions to the Keybie Cafe’s collection~

Do you have them in yours, yet?



Keybie Lookalikes

Though it’s not Megatrade Hall nor SMX, we got so many new cosplayers with their keybie selves for our Keybie Lookalikes album! Feel free to tag yourselves or your friends, too!

“Who is this? Oh, that’s right… it’s me.”


Post-Halloween treats?

I may have not gone trick-or-treating, but I did get chocolate–and I have No-face to thank for it!

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See you at our next event! :D

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