#WNW: The BIGGEST Update Yet, With 60+ New Keybies!

Hello February!

This took way too long–but it’s finally here!! We’ve got several weeks worth of #WhatsNewWednesday posts all in one, huge post of magnified keybie goodness!!


Instead of breaking this post down into different sections, I’m going to concentrate all that keybie goodness right here.
Noragami keybies - Yato Noragami keybies - Yukine One Punch Man keybies - Tatsumaki
Bravely Default keybies - Airy Star Wars - The Force Awakens keybies - Rey Star Wars - The Force Awakens keybies - BB-8


Where to get these keybies?

We want you HAPPY at Keybie Cafe!

All these keybies are officially available as dustplugs, cellphone charms, and keychains at the E-Store (each one links to that specific character for your convenience!), and are also listed at the text-only Keybie List. Stay tuned for updates as to when these keybies will be available at our branches, too!

Dustplug keybiesCell phone charm keybiesKeychain keybies.


All New Designs this #What’sNewWednesday!

Ariana Grande keybies - Ariana Grande Assassination Classroom keybies - Akabane Karma Bakugan Battle Brawlers keybies - Shun BTS keybies - Rapmonster BTS keybies - Jungkook
Boys Over Flowers keybies - Makino TsukushiBoys Over Flowers keybies - Tsukasa Domyouji Dead Fantasy keybies - Rinoa Heartilly Ed Sheeran keybies - Ed Sheeran EXO keybies - Luhan
Final Fantasy IV - The After Years keybies - Cecil Harvey Final Fantasy VIII keybies - Rinoa Heartilly Final Fantasy VIII keybies - Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy VIII keybies - Angelo Fire Emblem - Radiant Dawn keybies - Micaiah
Fire Emblem - Radiant Dawn keybies - Elincia Fire Emblem - Path of Radiance keybies - Elincia Game of Thrones keybies - Samwell Tarly Gintama keybies - Sakata Gintoki Gintama keybies - Katsura Kotarou
Gintama keybies - Elizabeth Gintama keybies - Sadaharu Heneral Luna keybies - Antonio Luna Hidan no Aria keybies - Reki Kingdom Hearts - Birth By Sleep keybies - Aqua
Kuroko no Basuke keybies - Hyuuga Junpei Metal Gear Solid 5 keybies - Venom Snake Metal Gear Solid keybies - Solid Snake Nanatsu no Taiza keybies - Diane Norn9 keybies - Kakeru
Persona 4 keybies - Yosuke Hanamura Persona 5 keybies - An Takamaki Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum keybies - Cynthia Pokemon keybies - Lucario Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire keybies - Zinnia
Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire keybies - Steven Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire keybies - Wallace Pokemon XY keybies - Serena Prince of Tennis keybies - Ryoma Echizen Seitokai no Ichizon keybies - Shiina Mafuyu
Psychopass keybies - Kougami Shinya Psychopass keybies - Kagari Shuusei Star Wars keybies - R2D2 Star Wars keybies - Han Solo Super Junior keybies - Eunhyuk (Oppa Oppa)
Super Junior keybies - Donghae (Oppa Oppa) Super Junior keybies - Eunhyuk (Still You) Super Junior keybies - Donghae (Still You) Super Junior keybies - Eunhyuk (Choki Wa) Super Junior keybies - Donghae (Choki Wa)
Super Junior keybies - Eunhyuk (Rockstar) Super Junior keybies - Donghae (Rockstar) Sword Art Online - Gun Gale Online keybies - Sinon The World Ends With You keybies - Shiki Misaki
Trauma Team keybies - CR-S01 Trauma Team keybies - Derek Stiles Trauma Team keybies - Angie Thompson Troye Sivan keybies - Troye Sivan


Don’t see the design you want?

Don’t wait! Have your favorite characters keybified with our custom order form!

Need wedding giveaways? Party favors? A unique gift for your best friend? Maybe your significant other?

The Keybie Team and me can keybify any character (with some exceptions), including original characters of your own design–and real people! You and your bestie could become keybies yourselves even!


How to take care of your keybies

How to Care for Your Keybies


Already have a keybie collection? Check out our tips to keeping your keybies clean and looking good as new at our handy little guide to caring for your keybies!



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