#WNW Writing Dotty: Introducing Our All New Keybie Pens!

For this #What’sNewWednesday instead of new designs, we’re continuing with our line up of new items–and we’re happy to introduce the latest dotty-eyed additions to the Keybie Cafe: Keybie Pens!

Why use a regular pen when you could be writing down notes and stories and diary entries with your favorite keybie character peeking up at you? Use them at school, use them at work, use them to write spur of the moment good ideas while you’re at a coffee shop, or let them hang from your neck while you’re on the go.

These cute mini pens are just as chibi as our keybies, and can have any keybie design on their chubby bodies. They’ve got black ink, equally colorful straps to match, and click-pen action!

Keybie pens come in 5 colors, starting with–


True Blue

Blue keybie pens Blue keybie pens

Who looks good in blue? Ao Haru Ride is a no-brainer, as is Aoba Seragaki and Ciel Phantomhive. Hatsune Miku and the Scouting Legion sigil rock blue too–but we especially love that new little girl riding a certain dragon


Bright Yellow

Yellow keybie pens Yellow keybie pens

Bright and happy, the this yellow suits equally bright personalities–like Pewdiepie, Finn and Jake, and Pikachu–though Pikachu isn’t so much bright as he is sparky!


Funky Orange

Orange keybie pens Orange keybie pens

Funky is right, and we think this non-rhymey color goes pretty well with Potted Groot, Cryaotic, and yet another all-new design featuring a certain ‘faceless’ spirit just looking for a friend…



Purple keybie pens Purple keybie pens

What fits the color of royalty? It’s fit for a queen–and we think Shiro from No Game No Life would think so, too.


Dark Red

Red keybie pens

He may be black all over, but Toothless looks rather good on red. It must be the new tail Hiccup gave him.

If there’s one design–no, game–that looks good on red too, I’d say the holder of Guertena’s red rose and her ‘friends’ would look pretty good myself.


Bonus points: Versatility!

While our pens can have any keybie design on them, they don’t need to have just any keybie design, too. Team RWBY below, for example, is looking pretty slick in this style, don’t you think?

Team RWBY keybie pens

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