What to prepare for your first carnivorous plant

So you’ve decided to buy your first carnivorous plant! Plants are beautiful, and carnivorous plants aren’t just gorgeous—they can actually eat bugs in a wide variety of ways. You’ve likely seen them on social media, and these interesting bug-eating plants are just the kind of thing you want to try.

What would you need to prepare for your carnivorous plant though? Let’s say you’ve read up on their needs, and you know the basics about their food, their water, and their media. Is there anything else you, the new plant parent, need  to make sure they thrive?

Venus flytraps in an indoor setup
You don’t have to start with a set up like this

That’s what we’re answering in this guide. After reading up on the requirements and nature of carnivorous plants, check this guide to find out how best to prepare for your plant before your carnivorous plant comes home.

We’ll cover each of these points in detail below:
? Find a grow space for your plant once it’s acclimated
? Collect rainwater
? Buy a TDS meter
? Prep a plastic water dish

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