See You at Ozine Fest 2015!

Up until a few days ago, I had to tell people that we weren’t going to attend Ozine Fest 2015 because it unfortunately coincided with a trip abroad that had been planned months in advance.

However, after talking about it summoar with my ultra-supportive mum, it’s official—we’re attending all three days of Ozine Fest this April!

Rather, my mum and brother will be there without me, ready to serve up deliciously cute keybies!

Ozine Fest 2015 details

Event details

Ozine Fest 2015 ticket price


When: April 24-26, 2015
Where: Megatrade Halls 1, 2 and 3 – Function Rooms A and B,
5th floor SM Megamall


Ticket prices are P200 each—and please note that Otakuzine Anime Magazine’s biggest anime event this year will have their tickets available only on the day of the event itself.

Attendees can also buy tickets in advance for succeeding days.

Where to find the Keybie Café

the Keybie Cafe at Ozine Fest 2015


What’s happening onstage?

The stage and all the following activities and performances that will be on it will be held at Megatrade Hall 1:

  • Karaoke contest (Day 1-3)
  • Trivia contest (Day 1-3)
  • Guest Bands (Day 1-3)
  • Battle of the Bands (Day 1)
  • Cosplay tutorials (Day 2-3)
  • Group cosplay (Day 2-3)
  • Individual cosplay (Day 3)
  • Eating contests (Twice a day)


What’s happening offstage?

You can also enjoy these fun booths and activities on-ground:

  • Horror Booth (featuring a maze, Death Note wall and Hell Girl tree)
  • Matsuri area (featuring gold fish scooping, a wish tree, target shooting and more)
  • Artist area
  • Console game tournaments (got game bro?)
  • Anime card games
  • Maid Café
  • Merchandise booth (just like yours truly)
  • Gundam caravan

For more information on their contests and activities, click here!


Special guests

Ozine Fest 2015 Meet and Greet special guests


Renowned cosplayers who will be at the event are:

  • Tuna
  • Angie
  • Ying Tze
  • Mira
  • Shiraga
  • Luffy
  • Tsubasa

There will also be a Meet and Greet VIP Pass available at P1700. These provide access to all the special guests as well as put you in the priority line at the event entrance.



As alternatives, there are two passes for select guests only (but with the same privileges) priced at P900 each:

  • Pass A: For Misa, Ying Tze, Luffy and Shiraga
  • Pass B: Angie, Tuna and Tsubasa


But wait, there’s more!

Additional special guests are illustrator DMYO (of Culture Japan) and renowned cosplay photographer Shiro Ang!


Images from Otakuzine Anime Magazine

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