Fruits Basket another: Fruits Basket is Coming Back!

I may not watch as much anime as I once did (I went through my own weaboo phase, believe it), but I can name a few titles that don’t fail to make me feel like a high schooler again. Yu Yu Hakusho, Gensoumaden Saiyuki–these are a few of the titles I grew up with, and are so good that I can rewatch them now and feel nothing but happiness that I was able to watch them at all in a time where dial-up internet was the only thing available.

The age of anime CDs and DVDs. The struggle was real.

I’d happily rewatch those titles, and even reread their manga counterparts (which I’ve come to prefer doing, since manga offers a whole new dimension for story character portrayal), but you can only do so much with going through the same storylines more than thrice.

So imagine my utter glee when one of my most fondly remembered, absolute favorite anime titles is coming back–with a sequel!!

Fruits Basket another

Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket’s mangaka, will be launching the Fruits Basket another sequel manga on the free “HanaLaLa online” website this September 4.

Image source: Anime News Network

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